Troglo Reach WiFi solution

Simple path to increased sales

Finding ways to increase sales, revisits and customer loyalty using online or email marketing is not easy. It can also get expensive quite quickly, especially if you need help from consultants or agencies to manage your online and email marketing. 

Of all the tools available email marketing continues to be the most effective out there, especially if you are a restaurant, bar, cafe and typically would like to engage with local or regional customers to bring them back to your store. 

According to, business gets $38 in return of every dollar spent on email marketing. That is hard to beat. 


What is Troglo REach WiFi

Customer WiFi


Troglo Reach WiFi includes WiFi access points (routers)  and all the services required to offer customers a good WiFi connection

Customer portals


Present customers a branded  splash page when they connect to WiFi. Anyone can create beautiful pages with our drag and drop templates. 

Email and Social media log in


Ask customers to give you their email address or connect with social media to gain access to WiFi. 

Send SMART Emails


Send customers emails based on when they visited your store, you can even segment your lists based on location and gender. 

Guest insight


Learn more about your customers and store traffic in our easy to use Dashboard or through deeper insights and reporting. 

Data and Integration


You own your own customer data and you can add new customers to your existing email marketing tools and lists with a few clicks.